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easy to use and easy to track surveys

Q. How many questions can I include in 1 survey?

A. As many as you like; there are no limits.

Q. What types of questions can be added to my survey?

A. Any of the following types:

  • Simple text based questions and answers, e.g. "What is your name?"
  • Text based questions, where the answer will possibly be given over multiple lines e.g. "What can we do to improve our service next time?"
  • Yes / No answers.
  • Choose from a drop down list style questions.
  • Select one or more from multiple choices.
  • Select one value from a scale of possible values.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of people who can respond to my survey?

A. The free version of a survey can be responded to just 10 times. Once you have purchased your survey, it can receive any number of responses.

Q. How can I track which of my eNudge Contacts have responded to my email?

A. If you use the special URL for your eNudge Survey when emailing your Contacts via an eNudge campaign, you can tell which of your contacts have responded to your survey, and easily click through to the contact details from the survey response. You will need to ensure that you are not breaching privacy legislation with regard to the link between the respondent and your survey.