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eNudge® SMS FAQ

Below is a set of questions that we are regularly asked with regard to our eNudge SMS service. If you can't see the question you need answered below, don't hesitate to call us on (03) 8525 2082 or send us an email to info@eNudge.com.au

Will I know that an SMS has been delivered?

Yes. We record the response received to every SMS that is sent out. We use Australia SMS carriers, and therefore we are able to provide reliable delivery and full SMS tracking for every SMS you send. Cheaper SMS carriers use less reliable international networks and cannot guarantee delivery, or how soon it will be delivered. Depending on the number of SMS messages in your campaign, you can expect your SMS message to be delivered within 1 - 2 minutes of sending.

Can I send an SMS message to an international recipient?

Yes, and for most countries the cost is still just 16c per SMS. We are using high quality Australian carriers to initiate the message, (not lower grade and usually cheaper international networks), giving you much greater reliability in the delivery of your messages. Please talk to us about your particular destination, and we will ensure that we provide full coverage for all your SMS destinations.

Does it cost me anything to receive an SMS reply?

No. Replies are handled completely free of charge to you as a subscriber to eNudge. The person sending the SMS will be charged their standard SMS cost by their mobile service provider.

How much does it cost a recipient to reply to my eNudge SMS?

It costs just the price of a standard SMS message according to the recipient's current communications network plan.

What happens to the reply?

We will store the reply with your campaign contact record, so that at any time you can see the contents of the reply in your online report, and also it will be included in the Campaign Report that is emailed to you at the frequency you set on the campaign.

In addition, if you choose to have the replies emailed to you, the responses to your SMS message will be sent as an email in the inbox of the specified Reply To email address.

Can the recipient reply more than once?

Yes they can. Only the most recent reply will be stored in the campaign contact record, however, if you have replies delivered to an email address, you will receive all the replies.

Can I remove the unsubscribe option from the end my SMS messages?

In order to comply with the Spam Act we must make it easy for your the recipients of your SMS messages the ability to stop receiving your SMS messages. Accordingly, you are not able to remove this option. Contacts will appreciate the ease with which they can unsubscribe. However, as you will be gaining consent from the recipients before sending your SMS messages (in compliance with the Spam Act 2003 Australia) the rate of unsubscribes should be very low.

Can I add my own custom personalisation fields to my sms message?

Yes you can! Once you have set up your campaign, add your recipients in the Manage Recipients screen, using the custom upload option, and include your additional fields in your CSV file alongside the mobile phone number for each contact. When you preview your campaign, you will then be able to add the custom fields using the field personalisation drop down list.

Why am I getting errors on the SMS format?

When you upload your contact data to support your campaigns, eNudge checks the format of certain information to make sure that it is valid. Mobile phone numbers stored in your contact records must meet certain criteria, for example not contain any alpha characters. Similarly, all email addresses must contain the @ symbol just once, and must have at least one period after the @ symbol; email addresses do not meet this criteria, will produce an error and that particular contact record will not be saved inside eNudge.

Can I quickly update all my contact records currently stored in eNudge?

Yes. You may like to start by Exporting all the eNudge contacts to a CSV file, then edit them in Excel or your favourite text editor. Alternatively, you can create your own CSV file in Excel or a text editor, including just the fields that you want to update, but making sure you include either the email address or mobile phone number for each record. In both cases, you need to use the Custom Upload Option in Contact Management, making sure you tick the box to update existing contacts.

If you still have unanswered questions regarding our eNudge SMS service, don't hesitate to call us on (03) 8525 2082 or send us an email to info@eNudge.com.au

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