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message series, action responder, multiple users and more

Q. I just need to track all the URLs included in my eNudge Email campaign; do I need to purchase eNudge Plus?

A. No... you can simply purchase the 'Multiple URL Tracking' add-on to your eNudge Email subscription.

Q. Does the Message Series allow me to mix email and SMS messages within the series?

A. Yes; that's one of the important differentiators between the eNudge Message Series and most other auto responders. The other significant difference is that the eNudge Message Series allows you to repeat a series of messages again and again after a specified period of time e.g. every year.

Q. Once I have setup my series of messages and started sending it to my contacts, can I add more poeple to the series?

A. Yes, you can - you can add as many additional contacts as you like without limit. You can also add the same person more than once, as long as they have a different trigger date.

Q. What roles can the different users of my eNudge account have?

A. Customer Service - just access to the contacts, and campaign follow up for each campaign, and
     Campaign Manager - create campaigns and execute.
     Administrator - the original person who signed up for eNudge. They can add and edit user accounts, and see all campaigns and contacts.