eNudge Email Pricing
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eNudge email marketing and delivery solution

eNudge® Email Pricing

We've packaged up the functionality for you, so that you only pay for the functionality you use:

  • There are no setup fees.
  • There is no eNudge Branding included in any eNudge email under any plan.
  • There are no ongoing contracts - you just purchase a subscription for a minimum period of 1 month which includes the volume of email credits that you need (minimum email volume: 500 costing $10)
  • You can use eNudge on an irregular basis throughout the year, and just purchase a subscription when you need it - no lock in; no ongoing fees; no setup fees... what could be fairer?
  • Additional discounts are provided for packages combining multiple options and longer subscriptions

To determine the cost of the email volume you require, please refer to our Pricing page where you can use our calculator to select the options and volume required.

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