eNudge Email Benefits
Professional appearance, high rate of deliverability, measure and analyse, automated and cost effective

eNudge email marketing and delivery solution

Why you need an Email Service Provider

There are many limitations to using Outlook or other email clients for email marketing purposes:

  • It is difficult to create a professional looking email that encourages your subscribers take action.
  • Your emails may not be delivered to your contact's inbox because you are trying to send the same message to too many people at a time.
  • You may breach the Spam Act legislation if you don't make it easy for people to un-subscribe and if you don't identify yourself correctly as the sender of your emails.
  • It's difficult to personalise your message.
  • Sending to more than a couple of hundred contacts at once is near impossible, and can tie up your computer for hours.
  • Managing bounces (the ones that you actually know about) can be very labour intensive.
  • You have no idea what happens after you press Send: is your email delivered, read (and when), forwarded on, and do the recipients click on the hyperlinks in your email?

Benefits of eNudge® Email include:

  • It's an Australian solution tailored to the Australian market
  • Emails sent through eNudge do not contain any eNudge branding or advertising - your organisation's emails are all about you
  • The eNudge HTML editor makes it easy for you to create a professional looking email campaign, either by starting with one of our inbuilt styles, or starting with a blank canvas. You can also paste HTML into your campaign.
  • Email tracking allows you to know who has opened and forwarded your email
  • You also know who has clicked on which hyperlinks in your email
  • Campaign reports are automatically emailed to you at a frequency you specify, so you don't have to remember to login to check on the progress. Of course you can easily turn off the reports when they are no longer required
  • It's easy to compare campaign subject lines and content to determine which emails achieved the best results
  • Analyse the success of your email campaigns with ease
  • Want to do more with the results? You can download the details of the contacts attached to a particular campaign to a CSV file (can be opened in Excel) at any time.
  • You can easily target your email campaign to appropriate segments of your database either by category, by searching across your contact records, or by sophisticated criteria you build e.g. all the males in Victoria, in the prospect category who don't work for company XYZ.
  • Easily copy the contacts in one campaign who clicked on a particular hyperlink (thus indicating their interest) into another draft campaign.
  • Grow your list from a form on your website directly into your eNudge account.

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