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Hackers have discovered a way to text money out of users' phones. Currently this is only happening in Indonesia, and first involves enticing the mobile phone user to download a ringtone or other piece of software, which infects their mobile phone. - TechWorld 23.01.2009

China fighting flood of spam text messages - China Economic Review 29.09.2008

'Focus on the Reader' with email marketing - "the user, by opening the email, has made a somewhat deeper commitment and souring that relationship by serving a poorly conceived message can have lasting effects"... DirectNews 23.09.2008

Convicted Spammer Reveals his Secrets [Robert Soloway, convicted spammer in the US, discusses his lifestyle and what drove him to send trillions of spam messages] - 22.09.2008

Under [US] Anti-Spam Laws, the Founding Fathers Would Be Criminals Today [looks at the views behind the overturning of the Virginian spam conviction] - John Whitehead 22.09.2008

Virginia Overturns Spam Conviction Citing First Amendment - Infopackets 19.09.2008

Lastminute begins partnership email push for summer campaign - 15.08.2008

MySpace Wins $6 Million From 'Spam King' Richter - ChannelWeb 17.06.2008

Triggered communications a powerful tool for CRM, electronic marketing - Mia Papanicolaou, E-Marketing Head, Striata 12.03.2008

Targeted email marketing doesn't need to be complex - e-consultancy 30.11.2007

Texting Success: Subway's mobile marketing is paying off in Seattle and Buffalo - QSR Magazine Nov 2007

Ambition 24hours Nursing Agency launches SMS Text Service for UK Nursing Jobs Alert - Source Wire 27.11.2007

Mobile marketing has eyes on Europe's younger generation - CBW 26.11.2007

Anti-spam practice code published [UK] - 26.11.2007

How Wholesaler Lifted Orders 13% With Newsletter: 12 Tips & Strategies - Marketing Sherpa 20.11.2007

SMS Marketing Gets Queued Up - IP Business 18.11.2007

Marketing to play a significant role for NGC's "My Brilliant Brain" [SMS being the key component of the promotion activities] 17.11.2007

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Now Gobble Thursday - More Holiday Tips for Web Marketers - The Internet Marketing Driver 16.11.2007

Why Your Business Should Consider SMS - Fahed Bizzari 16.11.2007

7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing for Luxury Hotels [Well worth a read by anyone who is serious about marketing their business electronically] - Madigan Pratt 14.11.2007

SMS marketing.... ugh [some interesting thoughts on SMS marketing from an end consumer] 14.11.2007

Direct Marketing Association Reports on Mobile Activities - Mobile Ad Network 14.11.2007

How Web-based Retailers Can Use Email and SMS - Mobile Storm 08.11.2007

Two Dozen Ways to Improve your E-Mail Marketing Results [some interesting tips in here] - RK Web Blog 07.11.2007

Business 'Waking up to SMS' [Wales] - 06.11.2007

The 101 Gadgets that Changed the World - mobile phones feature! Club Texting 06.11.2007

Recognition is key to email deliverability - Precision Marketing 05.11.2007

AOL Spammer gets 2 years in the Slammer - Channel Register 04.11.2007

European Marketers still have a lot to learn - Be Relevant! 04.11.2007

Subject Lines that Entice - Email Marketing Journal 03.11.2007

Thoughts on Mobile Marketing - Nat D. Natraj 03.11.2007

Borders: Judging Email Marketing by its Cover - Notes from the Lab 02.11.2007

Bulk discounts for spam - Heise Security 23.10.2007

Is Spam so bad that we no longer care about legitimate email? - Technology Evangelist 23.10.2007

Agri crop prices now an SMS away for farmers - The Economic Times (India) 01.10.2007

Welcome Emails Gain Popularity for Retailers [some interesting statistics in here] - DM News 28.09.2007

Airline Sends SMS Tickets - 28.09.2007

Tracking Tourism: Young marketing apprentices pitch a valuable lesson to the tourism industry - [interesting information for those marketing to 16-20 year olds] Highland Business Research 24.09.2007

Retails are Getting Better at Email Marketing, but more can be done. - 19.09.2007

Calling In A Mall Stampede [great results of SMS specials causing stampedes to specific shops in shopping centres] - Mobile Insider 14.08.2007

Is your email program strategic or tactical? - Persuasive Marketing 15.08.2007

Email Marketing 'More Popular than Snail Mail' - Spanner Works [UK] 15.08.2007

Email Marketing Buyer's Guide - Internet World 14.08.2007

Central Iowa Golf is Hurting. Here's Why and What to do about it. [there's something in this for everyone] - Heartland Golf Marketing 13.08.2007

Who's Hurting Email Marketing's Reputation [should be mandatory reading for all eNudge Email subscribers!] Email Insider 08.08.2007

Data Commissioner Raids Offices of SMS Marketing firms - 20.07.2007 Belfast Telegraph

Big Green Gathering goes paperless with [mobile ticketing] - 16.07.2007 SMS Text News UK

Q&A with Jeff Ostiguy of G8wave on Mobile Marketing - 16.07.2007

Kenya: SMS Raffle Winner? Think Twice - The Nation 30.06.2007

Centurion banks on outdoor and new media for promoting branch - Exchange 4 Media Mumbai Branch 29.06.2007

'Spam King' arrested [Seattle man] - TechWorld 31.05.2007

Microsoft says Goodbye to MSN Hotmail - 08.05.2007

Animated Gifs [images] and Email Marketing - 26.04.2007

Thought Leader Q&A: Jeanniey Mullen, OgilvyOne & Email Experience Council, on Email Marketing Innovation - Multi-Channel Musings 23.04.2007

Email Marketing Continues to Elicit High Response Levels - BizReport 23.04.2007

Free SMS to prompt swift response - The Australian 16.04.2007

Ceeb delves deeper into mobile tie-ins - 16.04.2007

The Stacking Effect: Email and The Overall Marketing Mix [analysing your combined marketing approach] - Email Insider 16.04.2007

Reap the benefits of Offer-Specific Landing Pages for Email Marketing - Marigold Technologies 14.04.2007

Singapore: Anti-spam law means culprits face civil action - [light touch on new spam laws in Singapore, as they take an opt-out approach] 13.04.2007

Now a talking SMS Business Standard - Mumbai, India 11.04.2007

Google launches Voice-based Local Search Experiment [including sending results to you as a text message] - 10.04.2007

The Biggest Threat to Email Marketing... [is the failure of marketers to "market" email as a communications vehicle to senior management]. - MarketingProfessionals 05.04.2007

A Bit of a Heresy "TiVo invalidated television buys, newspapers have shrinking readership, few of the new generation are listening to radio because they have iPods, and SMS is where most of the messages for and about branding are going..." - Leverage Social Media blog 04.04.2007

Giving Voice to Viral Campaigns in e-mail "Coupling voice and video with compelling, humorous content, Opel found that consumers couldn’t spread the telephone calls fast enough..." - DMNews 04.04.2007

Switzerland Serves up Ban on Spam - NZZ Online 01.04.2007

What is Opt-in Email Marketing and How Can it Help You? - A Touch of 01.04.2007

Email Marketing in an Anti-Spam World - Impact Lab 31.03.2007

First Scam Emails to Target Stock Outside US Stock Exchange - 30.03.2007

Consumers who buy products advertised in e-mail spend 138% more than typical non-readers... - source New Forrester Report 29.03.2007

So who sent you that spam? HP or Oracle? - [spams coming from inside the network of Fortune 1000 companies] The Register 28.03.2007

Email Viral Marketing - [informative introductory discussion about viral email campaigns] 26.03.2007

10 Benefits of B to B Email Marketing - "There is simply no way to match the value that business to business email marketing provides for communicating with prospects and customers." 24.03.2007

Turning Email Click-Throughs into Sign-Ups - 24.03.2007

Marketing Through Common Short Codes 22.03.2007

Rileys – The UK's Largest American Pool & Snooker Club Operator Pots Gold With Interactive Media Integration [of course... you can do all this with eNudge!] - sbWire 21.03.2007

Dramatic Shift - Email Creative that Works MarketingSherpa 19.03.2007

...complete Mobile Coverage of the 7th Cricket Cup Live - 13.03.2007

SEC suspends trade on 35 companies in pump-and-dump [spam] crackdown - IT 09.03.2007

Email Newsletters are the Preferred Information Source for Small and Medium Businesses - Bredin Business Information 06.03.2007

Study: Asia Keeps SMS Despite Mobile Email & IM Challengers - VOX 03.03.2007

Blog questioning the usefulness of proposed Singapore anti-spam legislation - Benjamin Koe, Singapore 25.02.2007

How Text Messaging Helps Financial Services Marketer Target College Students - Marketing Sherpa 22.02.2007

"No More [Queues with SMS barcode tickets]" - Wayin 12.02.2007

Mobile Marketing [Graphical Advertisements on Mobile Devices] Just Got Interesting - understand what the new Apple "iphone" is all about. MediaPost Publications 17.01.2007

Mobile Advertising Goes Graphic. Interesting insights into predictions around graphical advertisements appearing on mobile phones. Sounds like text SMS marketing is here to stay for awhile yet, and that's in the USA! 05.01.2007

Seemingly Unstoppable Spam PC World 26.12.2006 [publications on the topic of spam abound, but this article is particularly well written and explains the latest image spam, and why it gets through spam filters].

6 Reasons Why Email Marketing Can Help Your Business - Spiinz 25.12.2006

People react well to email marketing new research says - DM Bulletin, 21.12.2006

Thinking outside the box - "...keeping in touch with customers isn't just a fact of life, it's a necessity and there are few better mechanisms to do this than with email" Dublin 17.12.2006

Microsoft wins UK ruling to ban spam list sales The Register 15.12.2006

Let's Review - "they often avoid looking at how their email marketing and "traditional" marketing efforts can work together". EmailInsider 14.12.2006

The seven habits of highly effective email marketing - part 2 Sali Earls 13.12.2006

Companies 2 Customers - "...this summer saw an outbreak of surprisingly successful [SMS] campaigns" 01.12.2006

Canadians turning to SMS for politeness - Cellular News 01.12.2006

The seven habits of highly effective email marketing - part 1 Sali Earls 22.11.2006

Wired up: Airlines soar high with smart wings. India - technology has revolutionised our travel. 17.11.2006

Sprint Taps Microsoft for Mobile Search - Online Media Daily 17.11.2006. Applications from mobile phones increase significantly. Will this lead to greater acceptance of advertising on mobile phones?

Why email marketing can be good for you - 16.11.2006

DMA: The facts on email marketing - UK 14.11.2006

United States cited as top spam nation - IT 07.11.2006

5 Verticals Making Mobile [Marketing] Work - iMedia Connection 06.11.2006

Spam law for NZ soon - please! - Ken Lewis, 03.11.2006

Unpacking the mobile in mobile marketing (great when G3 actually takes off in Australia) 03.11.2006

About One-Quarter of Current Mobile Phone Subscribers Support Incentive-Based Advertising - Harris Interactive Market Research 23.10.2006

Mobile Marketing in Turkey - Report from Mobile Marketing Forum EMEA in Istanbul, Turkey 19.10.2006

Slovak Legal Framework of Protection against Spam - financnik 11.10.2006

Dramatic rise in email marketing activity revealed - Joe Lepper, Brand Republic 9.10.2006

Agencies and production companies: time to change - Brendan Gilpin 28.09.2006

Email Marketing: Affordable Internet Marketing Technique - Market Today daily news 25.09.2006

Recent examples of corporate marketing campaigns using text messaging - 23.09.2006

Email Marketing to grow in 2006 - 09.2006.

Tri-Dubai Triathlete SMS Fans All the Way to Kona..."hottest new ways to reach targeted, 'technology hungry' consumers"; "connect on an intimate level with consumers"...21.09.2006

China Law aimed at fighting spam - Web Host Industry Review 21.09.2006

Australian Man Accused Of Sending Two Billion Viagra Spam E-Mails - 14.09.2006

US court upholds anti-spam law (first US citizen to be jailed for spamming) - 07.09.2006

Oxford Bookstore Connects with Book Lovers - first Indian Book Store... interactive SMS service. 22.08.2006

For papers, mobile is the new frontier - Samantha Melamed, Media Life, 22.08.2006

China fines a company for sending spam mail - possibly the first case of its kind in China. 22.08.2006

Direct Marketing Manual: One-to-one economies - Robert McLuhan 12.07.2006

Hong Kong drafts first anti-spam law - IT - Simon Burns, 10.07.2006.

Spam Act Continues to Protect Australians - Senator the Hon Helen Coonan, Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts - Media Release 22.06.2006

The Spam Report - UK Spam fighter urges 'let's play Aussie rules' - Dan Illett, 26th October, 2004


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Spam Act Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Spam Act 2003 (Australia)

Main Features of the Spam Act - Australia.

Start Collecting: and manage your business relationships more effectively. - Heather Maloney. 23.05.2006.

Australian Community & Media Authority on SPAM (new Internet Industry Spam Code of Practice comes into force on 16 July 2006). Also download a tool to easily notify the Federal Government of incoming spam.

National Privacy Principles - (Extracted from Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000).

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